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International Auto Body has been providing auto body shop services to the Hawthorne, South Bay, and surrounding areas of California for more than 30 years. When bringing in your car or truck for auto body repair, you can be at ease in the knowledge that our shop and all technicians maintain the I-CAR Gold Class designation that is only earned by less than 10% of all auto body shops in the United States. We welcome all insurance claims in our shop, and will work with you on planning out and accomplishing a safe and quality repair of your car or truck.

At International Auto Body, we want to be the first shop that comes to mind for your collision repair needs. When you bring a collision-damaged car or truck to our Gold Class designated shop, our highly trained technicians will work with you towards the goal of quickly accomplishing a safe and high quality repair of your automobile. Due to the complexity of the vehicles on the road today, we have found that the specialized knowledge required to suitable fix them can only be guaranteed by a shop like ours which keeps up with the times on the technical aspects of the latest repair procedures and processes required by each car and truck manufacturer.

Auto Body Shops

There are many auto body shops in South Bay and by calling our office or coming by, you will find out why we’re one of the top rated body shops around. Many of our clients will bring in automobiles that are part of an insurance claim to our garage. In these cases, an Estimator will first analyze the damage to the vehicle and make an estimate on the repairs needed to restore the car to operational status as well as restore its “look and feel.” If your auto is assessed as being financially viable to get back on the road vice total, you will be free to pursue repairs to the automobile. Our technicians will then conduct a systematic assessment of the car or truck to make an accurate assessment of the repairs we will need to conduct to include both sheet metal and plastic components of your vehicle. Included in our assessment is the cost to do the paint job to finish the work on your automobile. We use a paint mixing system and blending techniques that most closely match your car’s color so that you can avoid having to pay any out of pocket expenses for a full car repainting.

At International Auto Body, we find that our customer’s really appreciate our attention to detail during the auto body repair process. That is why we take extra time at the end of the repair process to take your vehicle to our detailing area for a thorough cleaning. We are able to identify any minor discrepancies to the new paint and typically can buff or polish them out. Our leading technician, then conducts a final inspection of the vehicle before we complete work to make sure that not a single detail is missed on your car or truck before calling the job complete.

If you find yourself in need of a quality auto body shop in the Hawthorne and surrounding areas of California, you need to look no further than International Auto Body. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians and mechanics are here to help take care of your repair and painting needs. We will not only get you back on the road in a short timeframe, but you can guarantee that we will follow the most current guidance and procedures available to repair your automobile. Please give our shop today to setup an appointment to fix your car or truck today.

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